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Headstart Education Group is the leading provider of Chinese language teaching programs in Australia. We provide quality extra-curricular and curriculum Mandarin class to Australian schools.

We take an inquiry-based and holistic approach to language learning. We believe this makes strong learners with solid foundations and a lifelong love for Mandarin. We focus on a student-centred classroom, empowering more Australian students to learn and speak Mandarin with confidence.

Our program is designed to be fun, relevant and engaging, combining weekly classes with online curriculums. Adopting a spiral up method, our curriculum series are built upon each other to allow our students to progress from K to Year 12 and HSC.

We can provide classes at your local private, Catholic and public schools, making our quality Chinese programs easily accessible to students in Sydney.

Our Team

highly quality and consisitent program delivery guaranteed by a great team of teachers who follow strict quality control procedures and undertake continual professional training!

Echo Wills

Co-Founder and Director

B.A, M. TRANS,M.International Relations

Catherine Britt

Co-Founder and Director


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